Mike D’Antoni loses the fight with Carmelo Anthony

Mike D’Antoni resigns from the New York Knicks. What a pity… This is another case when a collective game strategy clashes against “the star” attitude, and in this case, the star was preferred. Unfortunately, it does not look like THIS star (Carmelo Anthony) can bring the team to success.

See below an excerpt from the New York Times article.

The Knicks’ offense sputtered early this season with Anthony as its focal point and, for a time, as the point forward. Lin sparked a brief renaissance last month when he took over as the primary playmaker, and the Knicks won eight out of nine games, most of them without Anthony, who was injured.

Their chemistry troubles began, coincidentally or not, when Anthony rejoined the lineup, along with Baron Davis and J. R. Smith. The drama reached a peak Wednesday morning, when The New York Post reported that Anthony was seeking a trade, a claim that Anthony denied.

Notably, the two best stretches of D’Antoni’s Knicks tenure came without Anthony. They went 7-1 after Anthony was injured last month. They were 28-26 before he arrived last season. Over all, the Knicks are 33-42 since Anthony arrived, including a 4-0 playoff sweep by the Celtics.

Anthony never fully bought into D’Antoni’s system and frequently broke plays to create shots for himself.

The tension between Anthony and D’Antoni — and more broadly, between Anthony and the rest of the team — was undermining the Knicks’ cohesion and morale. Most of the team preferred to keep playing the way they were during the so-called Linsanity streak.

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