Why do people do these things – My personal list

This post is constantly updating as I discover (or remember) new items that belong to this list, so keep watching it. The order is purely random, but you can rank (and add) in the comments, if you wish.

6) A 16-year old with the compulsory stupid cap, hanging trousers that force him to a penguin walk, and, final touch, the unmissable cigarette behind one ear, ready to be lit up when approaching the school and he can be viewed by his mates.

5) Travel from home to office and from office to home with your eyes and head into your smartphone screen. Ignore anyone around you, the smile of a child, the lonely look of a foreigner to the city, the intent eyes of a book reader, the bored attitude of a student, life around you.

4) This is a corollary to 3): once you finally extract your wallet, start counting your coins and try to come up with euro 7,38 in 20- and 10-cent pieces, only to discover that you just have 6,90, and only then take out your cash card (which should have been chosen in the first place, as it is free to use and takes 10 seconds to pay).

3) Wait until it’s your turn at the till to start rummaging for your wallet, like you just learned that when you check out at the supermarket, you actually need to pay.

2) Kill yourself to catch the departing metro train, at the risk of bumping into other people or falling down the stairs, when the next train is expected in 2 minutes?

1) Wear comfortable walking shoes when coming to the office, and immediately change them to high-heels when stepping in. Please note our office has a concrete floor and we have to put up with clicking noise from the heels all day long. May I add that this is a very informal environment, nobody needs to dress up and the office is usually very quiet (except, that is, for the clicking…).

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