Noam Chomsky has a terrifying warning about Donald Trump

It is rare that he gets on mainstream media, and he should be listened to more. There are few thinkers who can be as amazingly straightforward as he is.

2 thoughts on “Noam Chomsky has a terrifying warning about Donald Trump

  1. I might be an incurable optimist, but I think that the situation might not be as bad as described in the article, for two reasons, both economic:
    – although the cost of extracting coal in the US is not going down, the global price of coal is, thanks to a decision by the Chinese government to reopen mothballed mines, so the choice would be between subsidising coal even more heavily than alternative energies were until recently or buying coal from China, neither alternative being very palatable
    – the next economic crisis, generated by Trump’s incompetence, will reduce the demand for energy, reducing CO2 generation directly and at the same time making the sources with the lowest running cost (renewables) more competitive.

    There is also a political factor that might come into play: agricultural states have more representatives in Congress (especially Senate) than mining states, and these are waking up to the business advantages of renewables for their constituents.

    Trump’s campaign battle cry was “Make America great again” and he knows he can’t achieve this with 19th century’s technology; I would expect some grand proposal to relocate thousands of miners to the West to reopen the rare earths mines and break China’s monopoly.

    Another reason for feeling optimistic, although with no statistical foundation, as past results are no indication of future performance, is Chomski’s ineptitude at forecasting: when was the last time he made a prediction that came true?

    The dawn is dark and clouds are on the horizon, but the day might still turn out not stormy, at least as far as climate is concerned.

    Civil liberties and violent crime are two areas that to me present more immediate risks.

    1. Thanks Carlo, this is not about rational analysis, it is about a terrifying mix of anger, self-interest and ignorance that is impermeable to reasoning and common sense. So, I don’t share your optimism.

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