4 August – Pärnu (Estonia)

An unexpected stay in the Rimini of Estonia, just because I left one night without booking in my plan… Valeria loves the unexpected, so she was happy while we were trying to arrange for a night somewhere in the most crowded city in Estonia, where Estonians go for the beach. Eventually, we booked a room at a couple’s home not far from the beach, and it turned out as one of the best rooms in the entire trip. They were a bit in disarray because the booking came only 1 hour before our arrival, and they wanted the room and everything to be absolutely perfect.

It was, and we spent a lovely afternoon on the beach, having our beloved herrings for picnic, and listening to an open air concert by a folk group, who had the most famous rapper as their guest for the evening.

To top it up, dinner in a garden restaurant nearby our home was a delight, almost like eating in someone’s garden.

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