It’s snowing

Just back from 3 days in Barcelona, and as usual I can’t help to compare it with Brussels and Milan (and Denver, since I was there last week).

PEOPLE: rude, noisy, very active, smiling: that’s Barcelona. Cosmopolitan, reserved, multilingual: that’s Brussels. Perennially angry, walking fast, elegant: that’s Milan. Where are the people? That’s Denver… (at least in the city center).

CITY: Barcelona – incredibly changing every time I visit, although you can perceive the gloomy atmosphere now. Brussels – roadworks, construction works, deviation/omlegging everywhere… Milan – it’s all about money (where is the promised park in the ex-Fiera area) and look at what’s happening for the Expo. Denver – you can still see the cowboys riding in town, if you work with your imagination: wide streets that take you from the middle of nowhere, to downtown, and then out again if you walk straight for 20 miles or so.

WEATHER: Barcelona: +10°, sun. Brussels: -6°, snow. Milan: +2°, rain, Denver: +9°, cloudy.

Where would I live? You guess 😉