Trump’s top evangelical ally: God supports bombing North Korea

These are the real terrorists, guys… no need to look scary with a beard and a turban, this is the real thing. The number of human lives, across Iraq, Afghanistan, Latin America, Vietnam and many more countries that have been taken in the name of these ‘holy wars’ is incomparably higher than the terrorist acts we see around Europe or the US. Unless of course one thinks that the value of a human life is different when it is ‘one of us’.

How to stop the global inequality machine | Jason Hickel

My read to start the day, thanks Tommaso. We need to keep in mind that capital is transnational and capitalists are cosmopolitan with no national loyalties. Workers on the other hand are increasingly retreating into nationalist ideologies that pit them against workers in other parts. So, to make the economy work for the many and not just the few, it needs to be projected onto the global level, retreating into nationalism is not a solution.