Global survey on the treatment of Acute Kidney Injury

Here’s our exciting new project, which will keep us busy until 2025 🙂
Hopefully, good things will come out of it, to help emerging countries to reduce the burden of acute kidney injury.

Primo maggio: cosa c’è da festeggiare?


di Fabio Balocco

Primo maggio: festa dei lavoratori.

Da Wikipedia, che ne sottolinea anche le origini storiche: “La Festa del lavoro o Festa dei lavoratori viene celebrata il primo maggio di ogni anno in molti Paesi del mondo per ricordare l’impegno del movimento sindacale e i traguardi raggiunti dai lavoratori in campo economico e sociale.” Continue reading “Primo maggio: cosa c’è da festeggiare?”

How to identify bad science

Most of us don’t have the deep understanding of science that is needed to discriminate between good and bad science. This applies to journalists too, which are also too frequently biased by the need to “sensationalise”, which boosts sales. So, it’s a deadly combination of uneducated readers that always look for the big and exceptional, and journalists that are often incompetent or under pressure to meet their audience’s interests.

The figure below gives an easy guide to help us distinguish what should just be junked from interesting reports of gound-breaking advances.

bad science