It’s snowing

Just back from 3 days in Barcelona, and as usual I can’t help to compare it with Brussels and Milan (and Denver, since I was there last week).

PEOPLE: rude, noisy, very active, smiling: that’s Barcelona. Cosmopolitan, reserved, multilingual: that’s Brussels. Perennially angry, walking fast, elegant: that’s Milan. Where are the people? That’s Denver… (at least in the city center).

CITY: Barcelona – incredibly changing every time I visit, although you can perceive the gloomy atmosphere now. Brussels – roadworks, construction works, deviation/omlegging everywhere… Milan – it’s all about money (where is the promised park in the ex-Fiera area) and look at what’s happening for the Expo. Denver – you can still see the cowboys riding in town, if you work with your imagination: wide streets that take you from the middle of nowhere, to downtown, and then out again if you walk straight for 20 miles or so.

WEATHER: Barcelona: +10°, sun. Brussels: -6°, snow. Milan: +2°, rain, Denver: +9°, cloudy.

Where would I live? You guess 😉

Shooting 3-pointers from the Milan countryside to the Madison Square Garden

An article published by the New York Times about Danilo Gallinari, set to become one the best European players in the NBA ever.

Knicks’ Gallinari Revisiting Basketball Roots

by Howard Beck – The New York Times, 30 September 2010

Danilo Gallinari’s 13-year-old brother, Federico, playing basketball on the same court Danilo did as a boy.  Continue reading “Shooting 3-pointers from the Milan countryside to the Madison Square Garden”